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At Lollipaws you will find certified hairdressers with years of accumulated experience, highly committed to impeccable service, but above all with a human commitment to offer love, respect and a satisfying experience for each visitor.

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About cat grooming

Cats benefit from grooming just like dogs. Regular grooming removes loose fur and dirt. It also smooths out mats and tangles while redistributing natural oils. Healthy […]

Doodle breeds of dogs

Doodles. Labra Doodles, Golden Doodles, Sheep Doodles, Berne Doodles – anything that has been mixed with a standard (sometimes mini) poodle or already existing doodle. If […]

Non-anesthetic dental cleaning

Periodontal disease is one of the most common health concerns amongst our fur babies. Plaque contains bacteria that can infect gum tissue and the roots of […]

Matchmaking for pets

Finding love for your pets in our Lollipaws Community! Due to the amount of fur babies we see on the average day, it became second nature […]