About cat grooming

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June 15, 2021

Cats benefit from grooming just like dogs. Regular grooming removes loose fur and dirt. It also smooths out mats and tangles while redistributing natural oils. Healthy animals have shiny, smooth coats with clear skin underneath. Cat grooming can address the underlying health issues that often show up with dry, brittle fur and flaky skin. Cats can have 130,000 hairs covering their body so it’s not surprising they could use maintenance to keep them healthy. If you have a long-haired cat like a Persian or Maine Coon, you know they will require regular brushing to prevent matted fur.

In Lollipaws, you can find Cat Full Grooming Service!

– Shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trim, brushing, and haircut $100
– Shampoo, (dry shampoo) by request only, ear cleaning, nail trim, and brushing $70
– Cat Nails Only: $ 20

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