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Non- Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

 Remove the plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria from their mouth, gum and teeths helping them live a better healthy life

first class premium Lollipaws grooming service

First Class Premium

+ Teeth brush + Keratin or protein.
Our First Class Premium service has almost all the extras to cover the needs of your furry baby in this spa day package.

Sparkling Lollipaws service

Sparkling Signature

Basic full grooming
Our Sparkling Signature is a basic full grooming package delivering dog styling results and incredible hair!

Glitter tidy bath

Your pet’s mini groom service
This service is perfect for when you pet only needs a light wash and a quick trim. This is our regulars favorite little treatment.

Spa Bubble Lollipaws grooming service

Spa bubble bath

A relaxing blow dry service
This is truly the perfect service for dogs that do not need a haircut or for dogs in-between haircut appointments. This treatment is a luxurious treatment to keep the coat shiny and in excellent manageable condition.

diamond treatment Lollipaws grooming service

Diamond treatments

Our five star specialized service!

Cat Bath Lollipaws grooming service

Cat bath

More info soon.