Custom your service!

  • Anal gland – $15
  • Scissor finishing – Custom haircut (request a quote )
  • Mohawck  ( only by request ) – $15
  • Nail Trim – $15 Small $20 Large
  • Poodle feet/ Clean feet $20
  • Teeth Brushing$15 small $20 Large 
  • Private area cleaning – $7
  • Pads cleaning – $7
  • Flea & tick shampoo$35
  • Hypoallergenic or sensitive skin shampoo – $10
  • De-skunk – $20
  • Medicate shampoo – $10
  • Oatmeal and aloe vera Shampoo – $10
  • Blueberry/strawberry/Aloe vera facial mask – $5
  • Untangle Matted Dog Hair $15 to $20 for 10 minutes 

No cages,
only love.

Our commitment is to respect and love for animals with professionalism and responsibility. That is why our little clients will find themselves in a comfortable waiting room, with a bed and water.

Learn more about our philosophy ando promise in our About section.

Loving animals

We are certified groomers. At Lollipaws we are constantly preparing not only to offer the best services in aesthetics, but also to transmit tranquility and confidence to their parents to the dogs.

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Regular maintenance.

This service is for dogs that are on a regular maintenance schedule, between 1 – 6weeks. After this time regular grooming price may not apply.


Prices will depend on the difficulty, time and effort to finish the groom . Additional charges will be added to the regular grooming fees.