A relaxing blow dry service.

This is truly the perfect service for dogs that do not need a haircut or for dogs in-between haircut appointments. This treatment is a luxurious treatment to keep the coat shiny and in excellent manageable condition.

& Shinny coat

What includes?

No cages,
only love.

Our commitment is to respect and love for animals with professionalism and responsibility. That is why our little clients will find themselves in a comfortable waiting room, with a bed and water.

Learn more about our philosophy ando promise in our About section.

Loving animals

We are certified groomers. At Lollipaws we are constantly preparing not only to offer the best services in aesthetics, but also to transmit tranquility and confidence to their parents to the dogs.

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To get a better service, we tell you part of the process.

We recommend to read the specifications to have a better estimate of your time,
costs, and process in particular cases.


1. Select service

Check our complete list of services to choose the best to meet your pets needs of grooming.


2. Call/Text for your Appoinment

Call or text us ready to choose the service(s) you would like to schedule. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have at that time.


3. LP team ready!

We welcome you and your furry baby upon arrival for your scheduled service.


4. Puppy ready!

If the day allows it, you can wait in our room. You can also stop by your puppy when he is ready.



Small starts


Under 20 Pounds


Medium starts


21-39 Pounds


Large starts

USD$70- $110

40-69 Pounds


X Large starts


70-89 Pounds


XX Large


90 Pounds +



Double coat dogs that will require an additional de-shedding service, price* is not included in this Bubble Bath Service and will be additional. (Breeds: Huskies, Samoyed, Alaskan Malamutes, American Eskimo etc.)


Depending on the breed, temperament and condition of your dog’s coat, please understand additional charges may apply.

Regular maintenance.

This service is for dogs that are on a regular maintenance schedule, between 1 – 6weeks. After this time regular grooming price may not apply.


Prices will depend on the difficulty, time and effort to finish the groom . Additional charges will be added to the regular grooming fees.

Puppies extra fee $10.

Puppies need to start coming in for grooming after their first vaccination, usually around 8 weeks to 12 weeks old. it is important that puppies get use to the grooming process.

Know more about in our F.A.Q. section.

Senior fee $10 extra of the service.

(10 year and older ) As dogs get older their grooming needs evolve with them, older dogs could experience some sort of discomfort or pain, they could be vulnerable or sensitive to some techniques, sound, tools, and unable to stand for long periods anymore.

Know more about in our F.A.Q. section.