Hi I am Natalia! Head Groomer & Founder of Lollipaws Grooming. I am a certified groomer with over 10 years’ experience. This has been a dream come true for me and my incredible love of animals.

You will always find me at Lollipaws either grooming away or playing with your fur babies. I am always happy to answer all questions, give helpful and loving tips, and provide support to my amazing team in place. Welcome to my second home, it’s my pleasure and honor to serve all of your pets needs in the Fort Lauderdale community.

Meet Jaime. 

Hi I am Jaime! Jaime is a wonderful, certified groomer of over 19 years. His extensive experience and ability to control difficult situations is priceless. Jaime’s calming persona really resonates with animals well.

We call him “the Pet Whisperer” around here… He bonds with your pets to create a calming, comforting, and pampering experience.


Meet Carlos.

Hi I am Carlos! Like everyone else at Lollipaws, Carlos is a natural animal lover. He is a certified groomer with more than 20 years’ experience. He is known to bond instantly with pets, regardless of the situation! Carlos has incredible knowledge and insight into veterinary sciences and has an impressive Instagram following – he is well loved in our community.


Meet Andres.

Hi I am Andres! Andres is a certified groomer with over 8 years’ experience. You will always find Andres playing with your fur babies, another true animal lover. He makes it fun and really enjoys our visitors for the day. Such a fun-loving groomer for pets!